Vastned receives two EPRA Awards

Vastned's annual report was awarded the EPRA Gold standard award for the 7th time. This year Vastned also reported according to the EPRA sBPR indicators for the first time and received the EPRA sBPR Most Improved Company Award.


Vastned was awarded the EPRA sBPR Most Improved Company Award

Vastned invests in selected cities in Europe with a clear focus on the best retail property in the most popular shopping streets. The focus on quality will contribute to long-term, stable and predictable results.

Focus on quality: quality of the property, quality of cash flows, quality of financing and constant attentiveness to the quality of the organisation

Vastned attaches a great deal of importance to informing all of its stakeholders simultaneously and on a timely basis, and in a clear and unambiguous way, of the company's developments. Vastned primarily accomplishes this by issuing press releases, annual and semi-annual reports, trading updates, participation in investor road shows and conferences, and by making information available on Vastned's website.


Euronext Amsterdam
ISIN: NL0000288918
Ticker: VASTN.NL
Number of listed shares: 19,036,646
Number of outstanding shares: 18,186,800