Shareholders Vastned with a capital position of 3% or more

- Van Herk Investments B.V. 24.98%
- J.B. Meulman 5.1%
- BlackRock Inc. 4.26%
- Tikehau Capital Advisors SAS 3.05%
- Société Fédérale de Participations et d'Investissement (SFPI) 3.02%

Notifications by Executive Board members and Supervisory Board members

Pursuant to Dutch law, members of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board must notify the Dutch Authority Financial Markets (AFM) of any transaction in Vastned Retail Financial Instruments concluded by or on behalf of them. The notified transactions are disclosed on the Authority Financial Markets (AFM) website.

Share capital

Number of shares in issue 19,036,646
Number of treasury shares 1,884,670
Number of shares outstanding 17,151,976