The focus of the strategy is quality. Vastned focuses on investing in the best retail property on the popular high streets of selected European cities with a historic city centre. The objective is to generate long-term stable and predictable results and to contribute to preserving cultural heritage and to the liveability and safety of these historic city centres. Historical data show that favourable developments take place in these historic city centres. The focus on these areas and the ambition to expand this portfolio offers an attractive perspective for Vastned.

Focus on quality

Vastned focuses on quality of the portfolio, quality in cash flows, maintaining quality in financing and continuous attention to the quality of the organization. Vastned aims to have a loan-to-value ratio of between 35% and 45% and to achieve further diversification in the loan portfolio.

In addition to high street retail assets in larger European cities, there is room for other high-quality real estate, such as the Belgian 'baanwinkels', well-located supermarkets and other high-quality retail assets with a good and stable return.

Attraction of larger European cities with a historic city center:

- A positive demographic growth;
- Strong purchasing power;
- Cultural heritage;
- Tourist appeal; and
- The presence of national and international institutions and universities.

Vastned aims to create clusters in these cities so that it can provide retailers with a broad range of properties in these premium cities.

An organisation with a tenant-centric approach

Central in the Vastned company structure and culture is the high quality asset- and service offering for tenants. For retailers, the combination of the right location and high landlord service levels at fair conditions is key in order to maintain profitable margins. In addition, Vastned holds high quality standards regarding the maintenance of buildings and direct surroundings. With its international offering and knowledgeable country management, Vastned has the ability to help develop tenants’ business expand to other countries.

Rue des Francs Bourgeois 29, Paris - Strategy
Rue des Francs Bourgeois 29, Paris