With its strategy Vastned aims to add value for its shareholders, tenants and staff, as well as to local communities and visitors of the European historical city centres. The company’s strategy is aimed at generating stable and predictable long-term results, inter alia by improving the quality of the portfolio, also in terms of sustainability and energy performance. Contributing to the liveability and preservation of the cultural heritage of historical city centres forms the core of Vastned’s sustainability policy. Vastned compensated her CO2 emission as a part of this contribution in collaboration with the Climate Neutral Group. These are the CO2 emissions of Vastned’s European offices in 2016 (Certificate). This collaboration will be prolonged every year.

By continuing to invest in cultural heritage, Vastned extends the functional lifespan of the property and contributes to the attractiveness of city centres. 

Due to ongoing urbanisation, it is important for society that the supply of residential space in historical inner cities is expanded. In 2016, Vastned created and renovated several apartments in the city centres of Amsterdam and Utrecht. When the space above shops is converted into residential use, city centres are livelier after closing time, which enhances social control and a sense of safety.

Investing in historical inner cities also makes the retail environment more attractive to retailers and consumers. Consumers are increasingly demanding, and looking for experiences. This further raises the relevance of investing in attractive retail environments.

Oudegracht, Utrecht - Sustainability
Oudegracht, Utrecht