Foundation Vastned BV


Vastned gets a stock listing

Vastned BV becomes a NV with variable capital

Vastned BV becomes Vastned NV with variable capital and get a listing on the Amsterdam stock exchange as an open-ended property fund


Vastned NV converts to a closed-end property fund


Take-over of Compagnie Financière du Benelux BV (CFB), whose name is later changed to Vastned Management BV


Take-over of 75.9% of the Luxembourgian investment company Immocorp SICAV (management by CFB), a property portfolio with retail investments in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany


Vastned NV becomes Vastned Retail NV

Vastned NV wordt gewijzigd in Vastned Retail NV

Name change of Vastned NV to Vastned Retail NV as a result of the cooperation with Vaste Waarden Nederland NV.
Vaste Waarden Nederland NV changes its name to VastnedOffices/Industrial NV and becomes a shareholder for a third of the shares of Vastned Management BV. Vastned Retail NV holds on to two third of the shares of Vastned Management BV


Takeover of Comvast, a property portfolio with shops in the Netherlands


Takeover of Foram International Holdings, a property portfolio with retail investments in Spain, France and Italy


Vastned subsidiary Intervest Retail NV is listed on Euronext Brussels, so that the Belgian retail investments are incorporated in a BEVAK (tax-exempt company)


Vastned Retail NV acquires the publicly held share in Immocorp SICAV, and delists Immocorp


Vastned Retail NV acquires small interest in Portugal


Vastned Retail NV gets listed on Midkap Euronext Amsterdam

Vastned Retail NV gets listed on Midkap Euronext Amsterdam

In 1987 Vastned gets a listing on the Stock Exchange of Amsterdam. In 2003 Vastned moves to the AMX, the midcap index of Euronext Amsterdam


Vastned Retail NV divests its German property portfolio and the shares in Vastned Retail NV are listed on Euronext Paris. As a result, the French property portfolio is brought under the SIIC regime (tax-exempt company)


Vastned Retail sells its last Italian investment property. It strengthens its Spanish and French positions


​Vastned expands to Istanbul

In 2007 the first high street shop, led to Topshop, in Istanbul is bought. In the following years Vastned grows its cluster in Istanbul to nine high street shops on the popular shopping streets of Istanbul.


In the autumn of 2007 an indicative offer is made for the shares in Vastned Retail. The offer process on Vastned Retail shares is halted in May as the prospective bidder pulls out.


Vastned Offices/Industrial NV is sold to NSI


Strategy is strengthened and Vastned focusses specifically on high street shops

Vastned sharpens strategy and focusses on quality improvement in the portfolio, the organisation and in the field of financing. The goal is to establish a portfolio that results in long term more stable and predictable results.


Vastned sells seven shopping centres/galeries and a retail warehouse in Spain


Strategy sharpening

After achieving the main objectives set in 2011 at the end of 2013 the strategy is further strengthened with focus on growth in premium cities. The aim is to grow the share of premium city high street shops to 75% of the portfolio.


Strategy update

Vastned updates her strategy, putting her investment focus on five larger European cities, i.e. Amsterdam, Antwerp, Madrid, Paris and Barcelona.


Divestment Turkey

Vastned exits Turkey due to the unstable geopolitical and economic situation. Therefore divesting its Turkish entity.